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Empowering Youth Voices in Internet Governance: Reflections on APrIGF - APSIG Joint Fellowship 2022

In the dynamic landscape of global internet governance, opportunities like the APrIGF - APSIG Joint Fellowship 2022 serve as pivotal moments for young leaders to amplify their voices and drive meaningful change. As a youth committee member of yIGF Myanmar, my journey into the world of internet governance began with curiosity and a desire to learn, eventually leading me to this enriching fellowship experience in Singapore.

A Journey of Learning and Growth

Four years ago, when I first joined yIGF Myanmar, the concept of internet governance was unfamiliar territory. Through collaborative efforts with peers and diligent research, I gradually grasped its importance in shaping the digital future of Myanmar and beyond. The APrIGF - APSIG Joint Fellowship 2022 presented itself as an ideal platform to deepen my understanding, expand my knowledge base, and forge invaluable connections within the global IGF community.

Meeting Expectations and Beyond

Reflecting on the fellowship, it exceeded all my expectations. The sessions were diverse and enlightening, covering topics crucial to understanding the evolving role of the internet in our daily lives. I gained profound insights into the necessity of an inclusive and accessible internet, particularly in empowering marginalized voices and communities. One of the most impactful aspects was hearing firsthand accounts from individuals with disabilities and marginalized backgrounds, underscoring the urgency of ensuring digital rights and combatting misinformation in today's digital age.

Making Meaningful Connections

Central to the fellowship experience was the opportunity to interact with like-minded fellows from around the world. Sharing my own experiences, including navigating through the challenges of internet shutdowns in Myanmar, highlighted the critical importance of internet accessibility and digital rights advocacy. APrIGF and APSIG demonstrated unwavering dedication to inclusivity and youth empowerment, paving the way for a future where no voice is left unheard in internet governance discussions.

Commitment to the Future

Looking ahead, I am more committed than ever to continuing my journey in internet governance as a representative of yIGF Myanmar. My goal is to inspire and engage local youths, encouraging active participation in IGF forums and fostering awareness of internet governance issues. Recognizing the enthusiasm among Myanmar's youth for internet governance, I aim to address information accessibility challenges by leveraging our social media platforms to disseminate knowledge and opportunities like the fellowship.

Building Bridges for Tomorrow

The connections forged during the fellowship are invaluable, and I am eager to sustain these relationships. I look forward to contributing to future APrIGF and APSIG initiatives, advocating for policies that promote an open, secure, and inclusive internet. To all aspiring advocates of internet governance, I encourage you to explore resources like APrIGF and APSIG, where your voices and actions can make a tangible impact on shaping the digital future.


The APrIGF - APSIG Joint Fellowship 2022 was not just a milestone in my personal journey but a testament to the transformative power of youth engagement in internet governance. As I continue to champion digital rights and inclusivity in Myanmar and beyond, I am grateful for the fellowship's profound impact and the enduring connections made. Let us all seize the opportunity to shape a future where internet governance reflects the voices and aspirations of every individual.


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