Contributors : Bo Tauk, Moon and Ri Na

From #SpringRevolution to #InternetCulture

We, #Myanmar, have been in the dark since February 1, 2021 along with the uprising of the military dictatorship. At the end of winter and the beginning of summer, the spring revolution erupted at the same time. Anti-military protests have been spreading like a wildfire across the country.

Among many revolutions that have taken place in the history of Myanmar, the 2021 Spring Revolution is a remarkable milestone in the integration of modern youths and modern technology. As the 21st century approaches, the importance of technology has kept the Spring Revolution going.

Due to the Internet, real-time information can now be shared easily from East to West of the world. The opportunity to express everything happening all over Myanmar on a daily basis to the world is a huge benefit of the fastest growing internet and technology.However, the internet which is the main communication channel was cut off in the country step by step in a short time, in order to stop the flow of information. No one can deny that this situation, in turn, is a ploy to increase misinformation and blackouts.

Despite these difficulties, our people have overcome them and strengthened their awareness of what can be called an Internet culture. We have been providing each other, especially to those who have internet problems,

✅ to get the right information,

✅ to #FactCheck for controlling the spread of #misinformation, #disinformation and #FakeNews, and

✅ to educate as much as we can to prevent false information and #HateSpeech

so that we can create a better Internet culture.

All of this is a product of the Spring Revolution and are somehow supporting factors for the success of the Spring Revolution.

Therefore, it's undeniable to say that an Internet culture, where the information becomes accurate, up-to-date and can be effectively transmitted, is born with spring.

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