About Our Team

Our team is made up with youth from different backgrounds and we gather to initiate the yIGF Myanmar.The multistakeholder Organizing Committee is composed of three (3) stakeholder groups out of four, such as Civil Society, Private and Technical, as per the IGF's stakeholder groups classification. Some of the organizing committee members who got involved in the Asia Pacific regional and global Internet governance related activities including NetMission Academy, Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy (APIGA), APrIGF Fellowship program, APNIC Fellowship program, Asia Pacific School of Internet Governance (APSIG), United National IGF 2021, are supporting the team to be able to organize the forum according to the NRIs principles. Due to the political turmoil, the forum activities were suspended in 2021 and the remaining youth committee members tried to run the social media project ahead. In December 2021, we, youth committee members, decided once again to attempt organizing the forum in 2022.